Asals ecosystems

Pastoral, agro-pastoral rain-fed agriculture and livestock production systems are the primary economic enterprise and main economic driver in the ASALs. The majority of this area is affected by moderate to severe land degradation and desertification.

Asals ecosystems

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We use global standards to deliver local, sustainable and durable transformations that will allow our public and private sector clients the foundations needed to drive forward their institutions.

Informed Decision-making Our skilled teams are subject-matter experts with unrivalled experience in the Somali landscape and proven track record in specific areas of expertise. Contextualizing Change Our methodology is intuitive and specifically adapted to the Somali context.

We develop locally relevant and adaptable strategies and interventions.Stakeholder Workshop on Sustainable Growth and Adaptation in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) of Kenya #Why isn’t the same importance given to Planning as a decision making tool The second set of presentations took place in a session focused on “the potential for improved land use planning within counties”.

These are freshwater ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems, and ocean ecosystems. First, a freshwater ecosystem can be defined as a small area equal to just about % of the earth's surface.

Asals ecosystems

This ecosystem has variety of life such as flora and fauna. climate change adaptation, given the variability that characterizes the ecosystems. Practices of communities living in the ASALs are seen to provide a basis for the design of climate adaptation.

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Spatial complexity is crucial in ASAL ecosystems, which tend to be both spatially extensive and temporally variable. Spatial scale and access to biocomplexity offsets the destabilizing effects of temporal variability (3,8,65,24,25,26).

Natural capital endowment and dynamics of the changing climate in ASALs: experiences from Africa and Asia 3 Acknowledgements We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the development of this report.

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