Co-writing agreement screenplay format

The compensation payable to Writer pursuant to Paragraph 5 includes payment for said rights in the Property and for the writing services of Writer hereunder. Writer agrees to complete and deliver each Form of Work and the Work, including any changes and revisions required by Producer as follows: Writer warrants and represents that each Form of Work and the Work shall be wholly original with Writer, except as to matters within the public domain and except as to material inserted by Writer pursuant to specific instructions of Producer, and shall not infringe upon or violate the rights of privacy or publicity of, or constitute a libel or slander against, or violate any common law or any other rights of, any person, firm or corporation. Producer shall indemnify Writer to the same extent that Writer indemnifies Producer hereunder, as to any material supplied by Producer to Writer for incorporation into the Work.

Co-writing agreement screenplay format

The parties desire to collaborate in the writing of a screenplay, on the terms hereinafter set forth. The parties shall collaborate in the writing of the work and upon completion thereof shall be the joint owners of the work sharing all rights equally. However, failure to complete the screenplay by such date shall not be construed as a breach of this Agreement on the part of either party.

If, prior to the completion of the work, either party shall voluntarily withdraw from the collaboration, then the other party shall have the right to complete the work co-writing agreement screenplay format or in conjunction with another collaborator or collaborators, and in such event the percentage of ownership, as hereinbefore provided in paragraph 2, shall be revised by mutual agreement in writing or, failing such agreement, by arbitration in accordance with the procedures hereinafter prescribed.

If, prior to the completion of the Work, there shall be a dispute of any kind with respect to the Work, then either party may terminate this Collaboration Agreement by written notice to the other party, and should they fail to agree upon the terms of such termination agreement, they shall submit the dispute for arbitration in accordance with the procedures hereinafter prescribed.

Any contract for the sale or other disposition of the Work, where the Work has been completed by the Parties in accordance herewith, shall require that the story and writing credits shall be equally shared by the parties, unless the parties agree otherwise.

co-writing agreement screenplay format

Neither party shall sell, or otherwise voluntarily dispose of the Work, or his share therein, without the written consent of the other, which consent, however, shall not be unreasonably withheld. Both parties agree that each shall be responsible for their own expenses incurred in the preparation of the Work.

Should the Work be sold or otherwise disposed of and, as an incident thereto, the Parties be employed to revise the Work, the total compensation provided for in such employment agreement shall be shared equally by the parties.

If either party shall be unavailable for the purposes of collaborating on such revision, then the Party who is available shall be permitted to do such revision and shall be entitled to the full amount of compensation in connection therewith.

If either party hereto shall desire to use the Work, or any right therein or with respect thereto, in any venture in which such Party shall have a financial interest, whether direct or indirect, the Party desiring so to do shall notify the other Party of that fact and shall afford such other Party the opportunity to participate in the venture in the proportion of such other Party's interest in the Work.

If such other Party shall be unwilling to participate in such venture, the Party shall desiring to proceed therein shall be required to pay such other Party an amount equal to that which such other Party would have received if the Work or right, as the case may be, intended to be so used had been sold to a disinterested person at the price at which the same shall last have been offered, or if it shall not have been offered, at its fair market value which, in the absence of mutual agreement of the Parties, shall be determined by arbitration.

The copyright in the Work shall be obtained in the names of both parties, and shall be held jointly by them.

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If either party herein called the First Party desires to transfer his rights to a third person, he shall give written notice by registered mail to the other party herein called the Second Party of his intention to do so.

Nothing herein contained shall be construed to create a partnership between the parties. Their relation shall be one of collaboration on a single work. This agreement shall continue for the life of the copyright therein.

If either party dies before the completion of the screenplay, the survivor shall have the right to complete the same, to make changes in the text previously prepared, to negotiate and contract for sale or production and for the disposition of any of the subsidiary rights, and generally to act with regard thereto as though he were the sole author, except that i the name of the decedent shall always receive credit as agreed herein; and ii the survivor shall cause the decedent's share of the proceeds to be paid to his estate, and shall furnish to the estate true copies of all contracts made by the survivor pertaining to the Work.

Such rules and procedures are incorporated and made a part of this Agreement by reference. The parties shall have the right to engage in pre-hearing discovery in connection with such arbitration proceedings.

This agreement shall inure to the benefit of, and shall be binding upon, the executors, administrators and assigns of the parties.

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This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. If any provision of this Agreement or the application thereof to any Person or circumstance shall be held invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the remainder of this Agreement and the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby and shall be enforced to the greatest extent permitted by law.Screenplay Format; Step Outlining; Script Writing Glossary; Screenwriting Books; Entertainment Law; Is Writing with a Partner a Good Idea?

By Marilyn Horowitz. I have worked with several writing teams and am a fan of co-writing if the circumstances are right.


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The plain text screenplay format that Slugline uses is called Fountain. It was designed to allow screenwriters to work simply and easily, creating professional screenplays without . An Exploration of the Co-Screenwriting Experience.

screenplay format used by many contemporary screenwriters developed as a by- simultaneous co-writing of a screenplay with another writer. My collaborative screenwriting experience, however, began earlier than that.

Writer Employment Agreement - Motion Picture Sample This Writer Employment Agreement is between a producer and a writer who will write a screenplay for a non-union motion picture.

CREDIT: If Writer is only employed to rewrite or polish another work, Writer shall receive writing or co-writing credit only if Writer's 4/5. Negotiating Collaboration Agreements How to Avoid Common Business and Legal Mistakes.

By Lloyd J. Jassin. I n today's popular culture we see a steady stream of articles, books, plays, screenplays and other works being written collaboratively. Thanks to online collaborative tools, you don't even have to be in the same room to collaborate in real time.

Screenwriters' Collaboration Agreement versions are in Word and can be edited. Any changes you make while viewing the Word document online will not alter the original file after you leave.

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