How to write a short response to an article

It requires critical thinking to form your ideas and find support for the ideas based on the question.

How to write a short response to an article

how to write a short response to an article

An article evaluation or reaction paper is a kind of academic writing that trains you to read more effectively. First, you have to completely understand the article you are evaluating. This means reading it more than once.

Second, you have to be able to form your own conclusions and opinions about the author's statements.

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You are free to agree or disagree. Either way, you must become engaged with the text. Preparing Read the article slowly and carefully. Think about the audience for this article and the author's purpose in writing it. Read the article again, this time making notes as you go.

Make note of the author's thesis, main ideas and supporting evidence. Ask yourself how you respond to the article as a whole and its various parts. This can be an intellectual response or an emotional response. Think about your own experiences and other articles you have read and how these relate to each other.

Organizing Your Reaction Paper

Read over your notes. Be sure you know the article like the back of your hand. If you haven't already, jot down your first responses to the article.

Arrange your notes in the form of an outline. This should be an outline of the article, with your own responses inserted at key points. Organizing and Writing Make an outline for your reaction paper, which will be separate from the outline you used to arrange your article response notes.

A good outline will lay the groundwork for an introduction, at least three supporting sections in the body of the paper and a conclusion. Another strategy is to mirror the structure of the article you are evaluating. Fill in the details of the outline with information from your notes.

For each of the body sections, decide on some aspect of the paper that you wish to comment upon. Whether you agree or disagree with the idea you present, you must back it up with evidence from the article itself.


Start writing the introduction. Include basic information such as the author, title of the article and a brief content summary.Aug 16,  · I'm glad you've asked whether a reading response paper can be about a piece of literature.

You can actually use many of the same techniques in writing about a short story as you do in writing about non-fiction articles. Here is a step-by-step: metin2sell.coms: Response Turn to a new page in the writing section of your journal and copy down everything you see below!

Short Answer Response = One Thesis Statement + one form of support + closing statement.

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(SAR= TS + S + CS) Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is that sentence or two in. Transcript of How to write the perfect short answer response: APE (Answer, How to write the perfect short answer response for STAAR: APE (Answer, Prove, Explain!) #2 Prove your Answer with EVIDENCE #3 Explain your Answer.

Now it's time to take it a step further. Sep 05,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Good Answer to Exam Essay Questions.

Three Parts: Understanding the Question Forming Your Response Staying Calm and Focused Community Q&A Answering essay questions on an exam can be difficult and stressful, which can make it hard to provide a good answer%(). Essay organization and outline building can significantly increase clarity and decrease the overall time it takes to write an essay.

Apr 14,  · To write a reader response, develop a clear thesis statement and choose example passages from the text that support your thesis. Next, write an introduction paragraph that specifies the name of the text, the author, the subject matter, and your thesis. Then, include paragraphs that discuss and analyze the text%(77). The following statements could be used in a reaction/response paper. Complete as many statements as possible, from the list below, about what you just read. My Reaction to What I Just Read Is That. Aug 16,  · Generally, your response will be the end of your essay, but you may include your response throughout the paper as you select what to summarize and analyze. Your response will also be evident to the reader by the tone that you use and the words you select to talk about the article and metin2sell.coms:

Create broad plans for your work before you actually start writing. The Response: A response is a critique or evaluation of the author's essay. Unlike the summary, it is composed of YOUR opinions in relation to the article being summarized.

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