Possible community health hesi topics

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Possible community health hesi topics

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What is true of primary facilities? They are usually government-run B. Their services are provided on an out-patient basis C. They are training facilities for health professionals D. A community hospital is an example of this level of health facilities Conducting random classroom inspection during measles epidemic C.

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Taking remedial action on an accident hazard in the school playground D. Observing places in the school where pupils spend their free times When the nurse determines whether resources were maximized in implementing Ligtas Tigdas, she is evaluating: You are a new B.

You want to become a Public Health Nurse. Where will you apply? Department of Health C. Regional Health Office D. Rural Health Unit RA mandates devolution of basic services from the national government to local government units.

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Which of the following is the major goal of devolution? To strengthen local government units B. To allow greater autonomy to local government units. To empower the people and promote their self-reliance D. To make basic services more accessible to the people Who is the Chairman of the Municipal Health Board?

Public Health Nurse D.

Possible community health hesi topics

Any qualified physician Which level of health facility is the usual point of entry of a client into the health care delivery system?

The public health nurse is the supervisor of rural health midwives. Which of the following is a supervisory function of the pubic health nurse?

Possible community health hesi topics

Referring cases or patients to the midwife B. Providing technical guidance to the midwife C. Proving nursing care to cases referred by the midwife D. Formulating and implementing training programs for midwives One of the participants in a hilot training class asked you to whom she should refer a patient in labor who develops a complication.

You will answer, to the; A. Public health nurse C. Municipal health officer D. Any of these health professionals You are the public health nurse in a municipality with a total population of about 20, There are3 health midwives among the RHU personnel.

How many more midwife items will the RHU need? If the RHU needs additional midwife items, you will submit the request for additional midwife items for approval to the: Rural Health Unit C. Provincial Health Office D.Essay Topics About the Environment. Read one or two different articles about contemporary environmental issues.

Write an essay that summarizes the main points of these articles and the underlying. Possible Community Health Hesi Topics.

These are some additional areas you may want to considering being familiar with: Ancathosis nigricans A skin condition characterized by dark, thick, velvety skin in body folds and creases. Quality Care. Find out why Mayo Clinic is the right place for your health care.

Make an appointment. I am asking for help on what topics I should study to do well on the HESI exam for Community Health Nursing.

I am NOT asking to be told exact questions from the exam, I am simply asking for resources to help me study such as topics covered on it from those who have already taken it.

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