Reflection of class

For this purpose, the code example defines a class named Example, with a method named SampleMethod. The constructor of the class accepts an integer, which is used to compute the return value of the method. The code example also demonstrates the use of the GetName method to obtain an AssemblyName object that can be used to parse the full name of the assembly.

Reflection of class

Annotations plus a lot more information related to Java classes. For a full list you should consult the JavaDoc for java. This text will briefly touch upon all accessing of the above mentioned information.

Some of the topics will also be examined in greater detail in separate texts. The purpose of this text is primarily to introduce the Class object and the information you can obtain from it.

The superclass class object is a Class object like any other, so you can continue doing class reflection on that too. Implemented Interfaces It is possible to get a list of the interfaces implemented by a given class. Page 4 Class 10 th Physics LIGHT – REFLECTION AND REFRACTION 1) Principal focus: The principle focus of a convex mirror is the point on its principal axis to which a beam of light rays, initially parallel and close to the axis, appears to diverge after being reflected from the mirror. Learn about reflection in mathematics: every point is the same distance from a central line.

The Class Object Before you can do any inspection on a class you need to obtain its java. All types in Java including the primitive types int, long, float etc. If you know the name of the class at compile time you can obtain a Class object like this: That is the class name including all package names.

For instance, if MyObject is located in package com. Class Name From a Class object you can obtain its name in two versions. The fully qualified class name including package name is obtained using the getName method like this: The class modifiers are the keywords "public", "private", "static" etc.

You obtain the class modifiers like this: You can check the modifiers using these methods in the class java. You can also access information specified for this package in the Manifest file of the JAR file this package is located in on the classpath.

For instance, you can specify package version numbers in the Manifest file. You can read more about the Package class here: Package Superclass From the Class object you can access the superclass of the class. Implemented Interfaces It is possible to get a list of the interfaces implemented by a given class.

Therefore an array of Class is returned. Interfaces are also represented by Class objects in Java Reflection. Only the interfaces specifically declared implemented by a given class is returned.

In class, students might write a one-minute paper or just pause to think things through silently or aloud in pairs; outside class, this work might happen in informal journal entries, more organized reflection papers, or a classroom blog that encourages practical application of course ideas (e.g., to current events or student daily life or to a. English Class Reflection Research Paper school life thus far, English Language was a subject I took most pride in, being one of the few students in my class . Several methods in this class assume that the get accessor and set accessor methods of a property have certain formats. The signatures of the get and set methods must match the following convention. The return type of the get method and the last argument of the set method must be identical. This is the type of the property. The get and set methods must have the same number, type, and order.

Even if the class in practice implements that interface, because the superclass does. To get a complete list of the interfaces implemented by a given class you will have to consult both the class and its superclasses recursively.

Reflection of class

Constructors You can access the constructors of a class like this: Methods You can access the methods of a class like this: Fields You can access the fields member variables of a class like this: Annotations You can access the class annotations of a class like this:I have a string with a class name -e.g: FooClass and I want to invoke a (static) method on this class: metin2sell.comod(); Obviously, I need to find a reference to the class via reflection, but how?

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Attributes Attributes Attributes Attributes: Gets the attributes associated with this method. CallingConvention CallingConvention CallingConvention CallingConvention: Gets a value indicating the calling conventions for this method.

ContainsGenericParameters ContainsGenericParameters ContainsGenericParameters ContainsGenericParameters: Gets a value indicating whether the .

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